Changes in Markets, Technologies and Manufacturing flows driving disruptions in Test deployment


  • What will drive the direction of semiconductor testing over the next 3-5 years (Markets, technologies, manufacturing)
  • What does this mean for semiconductor test
  • How can/will the test industry respond

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5G Test Game Changers

This presentation/paper will take you on a journey of testing cmwave/mmWave devices in High Volume semiconductor Manufacturing (HVM). Many believe that testing high frequency devices with contacted test will be too expensive. Others believe that Over The Air (OTA) test for devices with Antenna in Package (AiP) will not cover enough parameters to ensure product quality. Both points have merit while cmWave/mmWave devices bring unknown parameters and fear due to a new paradigm.

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Poster “5G Over the Air (OTA) Test Interfaces”

This poster will walk through test cell challenges of testing 5G devices with integrated antennae and explore some unique solutions for performing this testing in production. The 5G Antenna in Package (AiP) devices require OTA test solutions at the lab and/or production level depending on Cost of Test (CoT) budget and correlation.

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