Breakthrough Scalability for Automotive Device Test

New Diamondx VI1x Instrument Enables High Multi-site Automotive and Industrial Device Testing

Automotive power electronics IC’s are complex and have stringent test requirements. Typically this limits how many IC’s can be tested in parallel, and thus inhibits the cost-effectiveness of modern highly parallel manufacturing test strategies. The Diamondx platform, with a range of power and automotive instrumentation featuring SmartMux, breaks this barrier and enables maximum efficiency.  VI1x is the latest member of this family of instruments, and it offers the right balance between uncompromising measurement quality and highest parallel test efficiency.  Leveraging a proven fully discrete channel design, the VI1x delivers up to 100mA in the +/-60V range and up to 300mA in the +/-20V range, while offering force and measure current accuracy as low as 1.2nA.  With a 64 channel SmartMux topology, the VI1x dramatically reduces loadboard PCB complexity, speeding time to market and reducing cost and risk associated with leading-edge automotive and industrial power management devices.

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A New Singulated HBM Testing Solution – Breakthrough from Traditional ATE Test Method

High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) is a new type of memory device bringing higher bandwidth, smaller form factor and lower power consumption to keep up with processor performance growth. This is achieved by stacking multiple DRAM dies onto a base controller die, which are interconnected by through-silicon vias (TSV) and micro bumps. The advanced wafer level packaging to fabricate HBM chips also introduce increasing challenges in testing and handling of these delicate devices.

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