5G Market Trend and Testing Challenges


As we carve into a new wireless paradigm, test methodologies are sharpening up also. The model for high volume manufacturing known today will change in the near future to meet the economies of scale for device production. High frequency signal handling, cost and device integration will drive high volume manufacturing test to new strategies. Fifth Generation (5G) cellular signals, having smaller wavelengths, create opportunity for device manufacturer’s to assemble wireless semiconductors with antennas into very small package size.

At centimeter and millimeter wave frequencies, connected test will become very expensive at a very rapid rate. To overcome this challenge test will look towards incorporating Over the Air (OTA) test. OTA promises to overcome expensive mmWave connectivity but comes with challenges unknown to many. Lastly, loopback testing has been utilized for many years in certain markets and will this strategy be acceptable for 5G in the future? This presentation will examine a few challenges of test for 5G cellular including device integration, mmWave, OTA and loopback testing for high volume manufacturing.

Version: December 2017
Presented by: John Shelley
Presented at: SEMICON Japan