5G Test Game Changers

This presentation/paper will take you on a journey of testing cmwave/mmWave devices in High Volume semiconductor Manufacturing (HVM). Many believe that testing high frequency devices with contacted test will be too expensive. Others believe that Over The Air (OTA) test for devices with Antenna in Package (AiP) will not cover enough parameters to ensure product quality. Both points have merit while cmWave/mmWave devices bring unknown parameters and fear due to a new paradigm.

For years we have tested RF wireless devices both cellular and WiFi applications with many fundamentals in control due to years of experience. The next generation of 5G and in particular, Enhanced Mobile BroadBand (eMBB), has stirred the pot. With frequencies approaching 100 GHz the testing game will change.

This paper will investigate the challenges, opportunities, and techniques that will be utilized for testing the wide array of 5G device types and frequency bands. Larger frequency bandwidths have created challenges to meet the overall Cost of Test budget. HVM semiconductor test requires cohesive, quick, and efficient test flows. We will spend some time describing solutions that maintain the philosophies of HVM with great bandwidth test frequencies. Where the antenna is placed within these devices at the die, package, or module level has blurred the lines between the elements of the test cell. Integrated devices require integrated test solutions that can overcome the standard tester, contactor, handler boundaries. We will look at those opportunities where new solutions are required for cmWave/mmWave devices. In summary we hope to enlighten the test community to the challenges and solutions for test the next generation cellular devices while maintaining HVM philosophies.

Version: July 2018
Presented by: John Shelley and Dan Campion
Presented at: Test Vision 2020