Cohu’s New Diamondx HSI2x Instrument

Scalable, cost-efficient solution for high-performance SerDes

The new HSI2x instrument for the well-established Diamondx ATE platform is optimized for testing clock-embedded and clock-forwarded serial interfaces commonly found in mobile, consumer, industrial and automotive electronics. These ports connect modems, cameras, displays, storage and applications processors to enable high bandwidth, low power consumption, and low EMI.

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Aquilae’s Infrared Automated Optical Inspection Capability

Inspection Module for enhanced micro-crack and sub-surface defect detection on wafer-level chipscale package (WLCSPs).

Cohu’s Aquilae vision module offers a breakthrough by integrating infrared imaging onto a high-speed automation platform that delivers an economical solution for high quality inspection.

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Cohu’s cHybrid Kelvin Contactor for Analog / Power:

Compact multi-beam pin structure for high density system integration on turret handlers

Cohu’s cHybrid Kelvin contactors defines a new reference for cost of test efficiency. After a successful qualification at a leading US-based analog semiconductor manufacturer, this contactor became a new standard in high volume production for small leaded and leadless devices that are commonly used in the growing mobile communications market such as smartphones, tablets and wearables.

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Repeat Orders for Production MEMS Test Cells:

Pre-validated Test Cells deliver faster ramp to production yield and throughput objectives

Cohu, with its recognized industry-leading suite of flexible and cost-effective MEMS test cell offerings, has received additional complete test cell orders from two leading global manufacturers of high-quality electronic sensors, one located in Singapore and the other in China, to address next-generation device test requirements and supplement existing production capacity. Both Cohu Test Cell solutions include a DiamondX SOC tester, an InStrip handler using InCarriers, InMEMS test modules, as well as a full set of interface boards and high-density contacting.

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Production Test Interface Solutions for mmWave and Antenna in Package (AiP)

Incredibly, the number of transistors in integrated circuits (ICs) has tracked Moore’s law, doubling every two years. Equally amazing is the recent jump in IC device operating frequency into the mmWave spectrum. The emergence of 5G, next-generation WiFi protocols, and automotive radar have pushed ICs into these extreme frequency bands to take advantage of the additional available bandwidth. The need for instantaneous data transfer has driven the increasing demand for these new mmWave devices, whether for safety concerns in automotive radar, enormous data networks for 5G cellphone backhaul, or simply the expectation to instantaneously stream 4K video from your tablet to your flat screen. Historically, 6 GHz was the high end of the frequency band for the majority of ICs. Operating frequencies have jumped to 30, 40, 60, and 80 GHz to get the necessary bandwidth for next-generation 5G, WiFi, and automotive devices, respectively. This equates not to a doubling in frequency, but to a gigantic leap that in some cases is greater than an order of magnitude. An additional challenge beyond the rapid growth in operating frequencies is caused by 5G applications driving an emerging need for production over the air (OTA) test of antenna in package (AiP) devices.

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Breakthrough Scalability for Automotive Device Test

New Diamondx VI1x Instrument Enables High Multi-site Automotive and Industrial Device Testing

Automotive power electronics IC’s are complex and have stringent test requirements. Typically this limits how many IC’s can be tested in parallel, and thus inhibits the cost-effectiveness of modern highly parallel manufacturing test strategies. The Diamondx platform, with a range of power and automotive instrumentation featuring SmartMux, breaks this barrier and enables maximum efficiency.  VI1x is the latest member of this family of instruments, and it offers the right balance between uncompromising measurement quality and highest parallel test efficiency.  Leveraging a proven fully discrete channel design, the VI1x delivers up to 100mA in the +/-60V range and up to 300mA in the +/-20V range, while offering force and measure current accuracy as low as 1.2nA.  With a 64 channel SmartMux topology, the VI1x dramatically reduces loadboard PCB complexity, speeding time to market and reducing cost and risk associated with leading-edge automotive and industrial power management devices.

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Unprecedented Performance in High Temperature Test

Cohu’s intelligent cDragon Contactor ideally supports final testing at temperature and speed

Cohu’s new cDragon combines advanced test features at temperatures from -55 °C to +155 °C with best RF capabilities and an innovative pin design for highest test yield and low cost of ownership. The closed-loop Intelligent Contactor Option controls the required conditions for the device under test (DUT). cDragon’s compatibility with existing setups allows for fast and easy conversion.

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High-Volume Manufacturing Testing of 5G Power Amplifiers

Keysight and Cohu Extend Collaboration

Cohu co-authored a press release with Keysight on the integration of Keysight’s 5G NR Signal Studio and PXI modular instruments with Cohu’s HVM radio frequency (RF) test tools (click here to read the press release). The press release highlights the collaboration of the two companies developing an integrated solution, which simplifies correlation of measurement test results between design validation and manufacturing test.

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Cohu Completes Acquisition of Xcerra

POWAY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 1, 2018– Cohu, Inc. (NASDAQ: COHU) today announced the completion of its acquisition of Xcerra Corporation. The combination creates a global leader in back-end semiconductor equipment and services, and printed circuit board test with a breadth of products that are unmatched in the industry.

“The acquisition of Xcerra accelerates our strategy to diversify our product offerings and customer base, expanding Cohu’s addressable market to approximately $5 billion across semiconductor test and handling equipment, thermal subsystems, test contacting, vision inspection, MEMS and PCB test. This combination also further strengthens our ability to fully capitalize on the growth opportunities in our key target markets of automotive, industrial, IoT and communications,” said Luis Müller, Cohu’s President and CEO. “Although softening in the mobility market combined with current geopolitical uncertainty are creating near-term headwinds, we remain confident about the long-term growth opportunities in these markets as well as our ability to deliver on our synergy goals and to profitably grow Cohu in the years ahead,” added Müller.

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