Cohu’s cHybrid Kelvin Contactor for Analog / Power:

Compact multi-beam pin structure for high density system integration on turret handlers

Cohu’s cHybrid Kelvin contactors defines a new reference for cost of test efficiency. After a successful qualification at a leading US-based analog semiconductor manufacturer, this contactor became a new standard in high volume production for small leaded and leadless devices that are commonly used in the growing mobile communications market such as smartphones, tablets and wearables.

The cHybrid Kelvin contactor contains a new and unique contact spring architecture which allows the test socket to adapt to challenging IC pad geometry requirements of todays and future small package types.

Great lifetime up to 3 million touchdowns, with best-in-class contact resistance repeatability reduces cost of test significantly.  A multibeam contact structure optimizes signal integrity and current capability according to challenging electrical test requirements.

Gerhard Gschwendtberger, Director and General Manager, Analog Power Contactors, explains: “The cHybrid Kelvin contactor with its multibeam contact spring architecture delivers improved yield and long life which minimizing cleaning cycles. This innovative solution will help customers reduce cost and maximize productivity.”

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