Contacting DC – 40GHz and Beyond – Tweaking Impedance


This paper includes test floor data describing next generation small contact interconnect performance. The focus of this paper is on the electrical and mechanical parameters of an interconnect that has evolved to meet today`s requirements and the future requirements of a high performance test, I. e., it will work on the test floor into the year 2021 and beyond.

To reach this goal, the contact described functions as an almost transparent interconnect, I. e., transfer the signal with minimum degradation caused by RLC parasitic to achieve this goal, the contact described is streamlined for being fine pith compatible while being shorter for DC to 40GHz performance. Streamlining includes having a smaller interconnect with a larger surface-to-surface contact area for maintaining quality signal fidelity.

Version: March 2016
Presented by: Tony Tiengtum, Jason Mroczkowski
Presented at: BiTS 2016