Data Driven Comparison and Qualification of WLCSP Probes

Test probe selection decisions must be supported with verifiable and repeatable performance data. This include the lab data describing the statistically predicted field performance of the test probe. Presented will be lab data describing the performance of several mainstream probe architectures for contacting Wafer Level Chip Scale Packages (WLCSP). The goal of this paper is to create a common understanding of how to read, interpret, and communicate data for selecting the right probe technology for WLCSP test applications.

The paper goes beyond the WLCSP probes and speaks to other factors that contribute to the overall performance of the probe head. For example, the probe head housing design and materials used are important aspects that need to be understood for optimized performance. The success of the data-driven probe selection approach is reliant upon the quality of the supplier data.

Version: June 2018
Presented by: Bert Brost
Presented at: SW Test Workshop