Interpretation and Application of Test Contactor Specification

This presentation describes and defines the data used to specify contactors and test sockets, and probe heads for test. The source methodology and process for developing the lab data describing these performance specifications is reviewed. In addition, the interpretation of data describing the performance of Over-the-Air contactors via antenna gain, bandwidth, and radiation pattern is covered along with statistically predicting field performance of the test probe versus performance measured in a test lab.

By covering the technology fundamentals, this presentation is generic to probe technology in general and not just one specific type of probe.

Presented will be lab data describing the performance of several mainstream probe architectures for contacting Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP). And this presentation will create a common understanding of how to read, interpret, and communicate data for selecting the right probe technology for WLCSP test applications.

This presentation goes beyond just the probes and speaks to other factors that contribute to the overall performance of the contactors, test sockets, and probe heads for test. For example, the probe head housing design and materials used are important aspects that need to be understood for optimized performance. The success of the data driven probe selection approach is reliant upon the quality of the supplier provided data. Therefore, this presentation will describe the reports typically provided using WLCSP metrology reports as an example.

Version: October 2018
Presented by: Bert Brost
Presented at: TestConX China