Over-the-Air Test for Antenna in Package IC

As we follow the Long Term Evolution (LTE) roadmap to 5G, we know for certain that 5G will be faster than 4G. Increasing speed with a need to reduce cost is motivating cell phone makers to use Antenna in Package (AiP) ICs. The result is increased development and deployment of AiP. AiP is the integration of all the complex RF components in one IC package with the baseband circuitry. This makes for a complete and self-contained module at the IC package level that significantly reduces the work of the system integrator.

AiP makes the design work of system integrators easier as they no longer have to design and prove complex RF circuits at the application PCB level.

The methods for efficient, effective, and reliable AiP IC testing are a new and important topic. This paper will present a method for implementing Over the Air (OTA) test along with the measures for validating device performance in the RF, AC, DC, and Functional test modes. The 5G roadmap includes large amounts of spectrum in the mmWave range (for both unlicensed and licensed frequencies) and these are already available and in use. This paper will describe test methodologies for contacting in the mmWave spectrum.

Version: October 2018
Presented by: DongMei Han
Presented at: TestConX China