Poster “5G Over the Air (OTA) Test Interfaces”

This poster will walk through test cell challenges of testing 5G devices with integrated antennae and explore some unique solutions for performing this testing in production. The 5G Antenna in Package (AiP) devices require OTA test solutions at the lab and/or production level depending on Cost of Test (CoT) budget and correlation.

OTA test setups are complicated further by application variables, such as near field / far field, antenna integration level, and radiation orientation. The position of the test interface antennae from the device in the test setup could vary between a few millimeters to tens of centimeters depending on whether it is near / far field and the center frequency. These antennae can be integrated at the die, package, or module level. The radiation direction of the antennae can also be oriented to come out of the ball / pad, lid, or side of the device or module. These variables drive the test cell configuration beyond the norm and blur boundaries between the tester, contactor / probe head, and handler / prober to meet the test requirements. Although these 5G applications continue to evolve, integrated solutions to leading edge applications will be explored.

Version: July 2018
Presented by: Dan Campion and Jason Mroczkowski
Presented at: Test Vision 2020