Repeat Orders for Production MEMS Test Cells:

Pre-validated Test Cells deliver faster ramp to production yield and throughput objectives

Cohu, with its recognized industry-leading suite of flexible and cost-effective MEMS test cell offerings, has received additional complete test cell orders from two leading global manufacturers of high-quality electronic sensors, one located in Singapore and the other in China, to address next-generation device test requirements and supplement existing production capacity. Both Cohu Test Cell solutions include a DiamondX SOC tester, an InStrip handler using InCarriers, InMEMS test modules, as well as a full set of interface boards and high-density contacting.

The customers decided to order more of these Cohu test cells, because they have already been proven in high-volume production to deliver cost-efficiency and high throughput, together with the stimulus and measurement accuracy required for demanding MEMS applications.  Each system is flexible and reconfigurable for multiple target applications, including both current and next-generation devices.

For both test cells, Cohu has provided a full pre-validation service within their facilities, to ensure that start up time at the customer site is minimized and target production yield and throughput are achieved in the fastest possible time.

The flexibility of Cohu test cell platforms is clearly demonstrated, as even though they are both based around the Diamondx SOC tester and InStrip handler, the range of configurable ATE instrumentation and InMEMS modules allows one system to provide high pressure test of engine manifold sensors, whereas the other system tests both magnetometers and accelerometers for mobility applications. Both systems provide fast settling times for non-electrical stimulus and high parallelism to deliver high throughput and low-test cost.  Contacting solutions from Cohu are also used in both test cells to ensure accurate and reliable testing across large site counts at a full range of temperatures.

As of today, Cohu has delivered more than 20 complete test cells to IDMs and OSATs in Asia, Europe and North America.

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