Test Cell Innovation for Improved RF and MEMS Test Performance


The latest semiconductor applications continue to present test challenges which require innovative solutions to reach the required level of technical performance whilst delivering low cost of test and decreasing the time to develop and deploy test in production.

As 5G applications proliferate, the test challenges for RF semiconductors include managing very high frequency signal paths from device to test instrumentation as well as integrating contactless “Over-the-Air” (OTA) methods of signal delivery.

MEMS sensors require a holistic approach to managing electrical and non-electrical test in parallel, which can typically only be achieved using special stimulus options integrated into the handling system.

The Test Cell approach can be used to improve performance and cost efficiency in both these applications. With a portfolio of technical capabilities including mmWave contacting, high speed RF instrumentation and dedicated interface design, it becomes possible to optimize the signal path all the way to the device and also calibrate and verify up to the device interface to ensure accurate measurements in production.

Flexible platforms for test and handling that offer a wide range of instrumentation and MEMS stimulus option allow multiple sensor applications to be accommodated within a single test cell. Providing high-reliability, strip-like handling for singulated devices also allows for new levels of test parallelism and cost efficiency.

The next step in Test Cell Innovation is also considered: The opportunities to further reduce cost of test by optimizing OEE for the complete test cell.

Version: November 2018
Presented by: Thomas Vana
Presented at: SemIsrael Expo